My Network Marketing Story…So Far

Hi, first off I would like to welcome you to my first blog ever! I’m new to the blogging world and am excited and enthusiastic to learn how to be one of those “Professional Bloggers.” Anyways, let’s get started with my network marketing story…so far.

My name’s Jimmy Alger, I’m a normal 20 year old guy and I grew up in a small town called Gladstone, OR and what I was doing before I got involved with network marketing was, working two part-time jobs and doing the whole school thing full-time (18 credits!) it was pretty miserable. I absolutely was disgusted with my job(s) and didn’t know where I was going with school. I mean how many college students do you know that actually like their jobs, they either hate their job and hate their pay, or on a rare occasion love their job but STILL hate their pay. Unfortunately I was in the first bracket. On top of all that I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere with school. It never was my thing, and I felt like I was only going because my family wanted me to do it, not because I wanted to do it, which is the most important thing (in my opinion).

One night after work, it was a Thursday night I believe, a buddy from high school text me and exclaimed that “You NEED to get on Skype!” I hadn’t talked to him in a while so I thought he was just excited to catch up or something, haha boy was I wrong. I got on Skype and immediately he started waving this energy drink in the camera and saying things like, and i quote, “We’re gonna get rich!…I know people, our age, making anywhere from $20,000 a MONTH to $100,000 a MONTH!” I honestly didn’t believe him, because who would!? So my arms went crossed and I was an immediate skeptic, because I thought the only way to make money, especially at my age, was to make a resume, fill out an application, go through an interview process and basically BEG an employer to hire you. Never in my right mind did I think I could make THAT much money let alone run my own business! But, he was (still is) a really good friend and thought I’d hear him out. After he answered some of my questions and explained a little more, it started to make sense, and I got a little more interested and excited about the idea. I told him I’d wait a night to think about it and do my own research, he totally respected that and told me he’d talk to me tomorrow night.

So that night I researched the hell out of this company. I Google’d and YouTube’d everything I could possibly find about it, the company’s name is VEMMA for you people wondering, it’s a health and nutrition company that has people who consume and market their products, they have multiple health and wellness products to offer and in return you are able to create a residual income for yourself based on how many referrals you uphold. Now, I know what you guys are thinking right off the bat “Jimmy it’s a pyramid scam don’t do it!” or “People don’t make money in those things you idiot.” First off I’d like to say to you, NO, this is not a pyramid scheme and, YES, people do make money in these things, A LOT of money if I might add. Anyways, I don’t remember what I watched or read but it boosted my belief level and excitement level sky high. It was 3 o’ clock in the morning and I had finals the next day. I didn’t care, so I called up my buddy AJ, woke him up (he had finals the next day as well) and just told him “I’m ready to get started, what do I do?” And this my friends, is where my network marketing story…so far, started.

After I went through the whole quick start process, I started getting texts and Facebook messages from random people I’d never even met before telling me “Welcome to the team!” and “We’re gonna take this to the top, excited to be working with you.” It was a very welcoming experience and felt like a family almost. I know that may sound cheesy, but it’s true, I had all these people interested in my individual success and they would stop at nothing until I got there. I had mentor sessions with some of the top income earners and got plugged into their set system for success. I’m not going to lie it was pretty overwhelming at first with all this information and learning something that was a completely new to me. It’s crazy that none of this information I was taught has ever taught in our school system! But that’s a completely different topic for a different blog post. I also attended multiple destination events where hundreds of people from the company came together and shared their success stories and gave tips on how they boosted their organization to the next level. It was an amazing experience.

ImageMade a Verve sword 7/9/13 (Verve was VEMMA’s healthy energy drink)


The first couple months I was absolutely jacked out of my mind, mass messaging friends and doing all the talking. Let me admit right now, I was doing it all wrong. Nobody wanted to listen to what I had to say. The ones that did thought I was a lunatic. I even had a friend tell me to “Shove it up your ass.” This was very unmotivating for me and almost made me want to quit. I had never quit at anything in my life and wasn’t about to now. So I sat down and asked myself, why am I doing this? Why should I continue? The first thing that popped in my head was the money, of course. I wanted to be financially free and never have to work a job again. I was pretty puzzled on why I was doing this besides for the money. Then one day during early July, my mom came home early and she was in tears because she had just gotten laid off from her job. They actually transferred her to a different company that’s farther out from where we live and they docked her pay. This made me realize why I was doing this, why I should continue and not let anybody’s opinion tell me otherwise. I had never seen my mother struggle with money, by no means were we rich or wealthy, but for her being a single mother she did an amazing job at raising my brother and I. She went from living pretty comfortably, to living paycheck to paycheck. To much month at the end of the money. This also made me realize the situation my dad’s in. When my parents split up, he actually left a good paying job and a paid for house in California and moved up to Oregon just so he could see my brother and I. So he took a crappy job, an apartment, and now he jumps roommate to roommate because he can’t afford to live on his own. Basically with all this information that just hit me like a brick wall made me realize that, my parents are not going to be able to retire unless I do something about it. I didn’t believe a normal 40 hour a week 9-5 job was going to let me do that, especially with the economy the way it is now. I had to do something different to get something different, and this is something that’s pretty freaking different. So I got re-motivated and pushed forward!

I re-learned everything and ran the business like a professional. I made the decision to quit school and focus on VEMMA. “But Jimmy I thought you said you never quit anything?” Yes this is true. Let me rephrase. I stopped going to school for a career I didn’t know to pursue, and set a sail in a direction to focus on network marketing as my career and primary source of income. The next few weeks, my business BOOMED and created amazing momentum for our team. We started a group out in Madrid, Spain. I was 20 years old running an international business, I never thought I would be able to say that…EVER! I ranked up and hit silver my first three months in the company, roughly $200 a month. This may not sound like a lot, but it was an extra $200 in my pocket, on top of what I was already making at my jobs. The following two months, my business plateaued and went stagnant. Taking a look at the 40+ people on my team, only 4 of them (including myself), were actually making money! I was preaching financial freedom but very few were seeing it. By no means is $200 financial freedom but, like I said before it was nice to have that extra income. So I had to sit down and ask myself why again. Was I going to stay loyal to a company (VEMMA) or stay loyal to my team? It was a no brainer, I had friends and family looking up to me on my team trusting me. So I kept my eyes and ears open for something else, something better.

Thankfully a teammate and now one of my best friends Jesse Donez got me on a Skype call with Darren Fryer and introduced me to WakeUpNow. For those of you that don’t know who Darren Fryer is, he is a 21 year old kid (around the same age as me) and makes $14,000 a MONTH, just for living his life. Not clocking in or out for a paycheck or trading his time for wages. He just lives his daily life. When I got on a call with Darren he laid out some numbers and compared VEMMA to WakeUpNow. After he got through talking with me and giving his little explanation of the business, it was up to me to make a decision. Jesse was on my team in VEMMA and was making the switch to better his family’s situation. But, it was a very difficult decision for me to make. I had worked so hard in VEMMA and built a pretty solid team. I didn’t want to just throw it all away and basically start from scratch. I was going back and forth, yes or no, whether or not I was going to do it. Now this is where my network marketing story…so far, continues.

Darren Fryer’s short success story

So right after I got off that call, I messaged my team and told them they needed to get on Skype that night, I had something I needed to share with them and it was very important they be there. That night I gathered everybody together, and Jesse and I told them what we were doing. No, we weren’t cross recruiting, all we told them was “It’s your decision whether you want to make the switch or not, but this is something we are doing and see as a better opportunity. If you want to stick with VEMMA that’s okay. Just know we will not be building VEMMA anymore and can’t help you out.” A majority of them saw what we saw and switched with us. That next day I got texts and phone calls from my VEMMA upline telling me that I made the wrong decision and called me “stupid for joining that scam.” I thought they were friends of mine and would support any decision I made. Needless to say I lost some friends in the process but it was for the better. In my first two hours joining WakeUpNow I broke even within the company and started making $100 a month. By the end of that week I hit the 600 club, which is $600 a month. So in a week I saw triple the success I saw in VEMMA in 3 months. It was crazy! (still is) Now I’m in my third month in WakeUpNow and about to rank up to Founder 4 which is $2,500 a month. Who knows where I’m going to take this opportunity. One thing is for sure, I’m not stopping until I help my mom and dad, the Gladstone community of where I reside, and thousands of people change their financial situation. I always wanted to be a teacher and help people. But I don’t need a piece of paper from a university telling me I’m certified to educate. My names Jimmy Alger and I currently am helping people manage, save, and make money at the same time while still living my day-to-day life. I’ll be able to quit my jobs here soon within the next couple months. Also I’m truly thankful for where network marketing has taken me today. So this my friends is where my network marketing story…so far, ends, but still continues.

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-Jimmy Alger